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Many corporate clientele are faced with the need to deliver, manage and analyze digital presentations throughout sales and marketing teams all around the world.

mPress is a custom platform, deigned for a select group of corporate customers, which allows for easy and secure delivery of presentation materials like video, decks, applications and sales data collection tools. Initially designed for web-to-iPad management, future mPress offerings are expanding into smart phone and third party integration options.

mPress now provides and excellent framework for sales and marketing teams to easily deploy and manage brand presentations through layers of security custom designed to each customer.

The perfect solution for app driven sales team synchronicity.

Castro Valley News

Castro Valley News is a hyper-local news service delivering information, events, interviews & conversations through print, web and social channels.

Launched as a fusion of good old fashion news reporting and up to the moment digital delivery, the Castro Valley News service has seen exponential organic growth over the past few years.

Our specialists manage all aspects of service. Reporting, editorial, social channel management, videography, mobile app management and development.

And the community has responded. Becoming an incredibly active partner in the gathering of news and the sharing of it throughout the web, in weekly web videos and monthly print magazines. Genuine community news.


Binx is a new kind of social streaming community. Focused on the content creators. Building apps, tools and services dedicated to enhancing the social video streaming community through the power of collaboration.

The Binx Stream Assist (Binx S.A.) application is a downloadable software product designed to deliver a single-source solution for all your social streaming needs when paired with OBS or Xsplit.

With the release of the Binx Mobile apps ( for iOS and Android ) the community offers a new way for viewers to connect, follow and fund their favorite streamers. Any where. Any time.

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Project Name

For many centuries, people have been trying to decorate their homes in different ways. Agree, that nobody likes to live in a house that looks exactly the same as dozens of others.

So, how to have the job done and don’t mess up the style of the building? In this case, you may consider hiring an experienced designer or decorator who would do everything for you. It doesn’t mean that the specialist will change the look of the house completely. Pretty often, changing only a couple details works great. So, be not worry and leave this job to the professionals.